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For meeting our consultant and discussing your idea, business requirements or information you can email us for an appointment. (All Business) (Global Cricket Community) +91 8082542683 Monday to Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm India Time


Strategy and Management Consultation, High-performance Consultation, Cricket Consultancy. You can consult us for new business setups and other fields like marketing, social media, design, events and creative solutions. 
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Design & Development

Experience Design, Communication Design, Service Design are offered by us. The impact and importance of ideas, emotions, and environment on the user is used in experience design. Your business can benefit a lot from our services in experience design..
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Coaching & Training

Coaching and training are essential for the growth. You can depend on us for training that is designed and conducted to the specific useful competencies. Goal specific training that improves the abilities, capacity and impact and performance
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Events & Marketing

Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP offers Social Community Development Events to you. We organize and manage social development events for your CSR or Social Cause be it education, health, social awareness or entrepreneur development.
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Social Community Development

Let us join and work as a community to grow and excel in all aspects of life You are always a part of some community, be it your local community, professional community, social or cultural community. Global Cricket Community is one such vision of Swapnil Karekar where we inspire, empower and celebrate individuals, groups and organisations that work towards growth for all in all aspects of life. Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions does social community development through consultation, coaching and training, design and development, marketing and events. Here are some activities and services
  • Cricket players profiles and promotion
  • Cricket Club profiles and promotion
  • Cricket Websites for clubs and associations
  • Coaching and Training programs
  • Cricket Community Events
  • Cricket for personality development
  • Cricket for employment and entreprenuers
  • Cricket Career Consultation
  • Cricket Tours and Tournaments
  • Social Networking with cricket community

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Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about us
“Mr.Swapnil is a very creative and thought generating person....having strong strategy making hard...goal oriented and effective communicator...his skills in IT ,ONLINE MEDIA & NEW MEDIA are par excellence. These qualities are taking PIVOT MEDIA SOLUTIONS to new heights..”
Mohan Upasani Managing Director - Pivot Media Solutions.
“Swapnil has been very helpful in the development of my property portal, he discussed all aspects of my business minutely and gave the website, operation and android app solution for us. He further gave an honest opinion and guided me to go to a specialist software company. I am very happy with the creative solutions and consultancy services and his dedication and professionalism towards his work. Wishing him all the very best.”
Anil Pandey Proprietor - Siddhant Properties

Meet Our Team

Our Business is built on clear goals, responsibility, and experience.
And our Success is built on teams, resources, and celebrations.
Goraksh Kivale Partner Goraksh Kivale is always taking initiative for the development of Cricket. He aims to develop Cricket in 105+ nations. He is mainly focusing on Cricket Players, Cricket Clubs & Cricket Association in order to develop the game of Cricket in their respective countries. Helping genuine Cricket Players and promoting them globally. Goraksh keeps studying and understanding the structure of Cricket throughout the world and working on the development part. Conducting Events and Business from that event is his major role in Global Cricket Community. Goraksh himself is a good cricket player and also kabaddi player. His business style and clear communication give him speed in work and good technical output. A true leader that can play many roles with professional results.
Tushar Sawant Partner He works on ideas and develops activities for making a business better. Communicating with you to develop business towards strategic partnerships, increasing profitability, and business expansion. Working with new entrepreneurs and well-known brands and businesses, Tushar has the vision of developing business in 105 countries in the field of cricket, events, tourism and social networking. A simple person with honest efforts is what makes doing business with Tushar a joyful experience. He has big dreams and real steps to reach them. His Yes and No are both real and rarely will you hear a Maybe.
Swapnil Karekar Partner With over 15 years Experience in various fields of IT, Design, Media, Training, Business & Entrepreneurship and Cricket he is always working towards the vision and growth of the business and client's joyful success. Always learning and communicating with professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, Swapnil Karekar works on the vision and growth of Global Cricket Community, Cricket Coaching, and Business Events. He also is an author and success coach. Working with students and entrepreneurs makes him happy. Successful projects with global businesses and leaders make him keep living his purpose - "to inspire and empower everyone using creativity and coaching to live the best life, fulfilling dreams with love and fun. - Swapnil"

Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start taking real steps towards making dreams into life.
1. Take the Official Step Send us an email to and take a appointment. Do mention the basic details and phone number. You will get a call from our office to confirm the appointment and agenda for the meeting.

COST: Your time and efforts to email a clear purpose of business or meeting

2. Meeting for Consultation With the official email and agenda in place, now we meet in person. The meeting agenda will include the clear goals and requirements. The mangement process and project checklist make sure that your most important aspects are covered in the one to one discussions.

COST: INR 2000 is charged for a meeting. Cricket Consultation related meetings are INR 500. Payments are to be made prior to meeting

3. Reports and The Process A document report in case of business consultation and detailed proposal in case of project offer will be presented to you at our office. Cricket Consulations following documentation and plans will be given.

COST: As per the business offer/proposal or cricket consultation