Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP is a creative, team-based, solution oriented business that aims to inspire and empower people by offering High Quality, World Class and Easy to Use products and services. Our offerings are diversified in the sectors such as Consultancy, Design & Development, Training, Events, Marketing and Social Community Development. Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP was incorporated on the 25th of November 2013 as per section 23(4) of LLP act, 2008.

Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP’s brands and business lines that shall benefit you and your business/organization are as follows:

Swapnil Karekar
– A Training, Coaching & Consultancy brand that works to inspire and empower its clients by Success Trainings, Life Coaching & Creative Consultancy Solutions. Some of the progressive training the brand can offer to your Organization are Success Principles, Leadership, Team Building, High Performance, Self-Development and Relationship Communication
Website – www.swapnilkarekar.in

Global Cricket Community – We have over 26000 page views per month and visitors from 104 countries. We have 160+ global profiles of national players, coaches, umpires, match referees, CEO of cricket associations, commentators, community leaders and club secretaries. Website is spreading Cricket and building an online active community of Cricket Players, Coaches, Professionals and Cricket fans from all around the world. Currently, 104 countries are playing Cricket, Global Cricket Community aims to reach these countries and provide them an online platform. The Purpose of Global Cricket Community Website is to provide a networking website for cricket players, amateurs, fans, coaches, officials, clubs and everyone involved in cricket. Global Cricket Community is offering Complete Cricket Profile to its Members and has introduced an Affiliate Programme System for tournament Organizers. 
Website – www.globalcricketcommunity.com