Consultancy Services: 

Strategy and Management Consultation for your business where we work with you for the development and improvement of your organisational  strategy. Here Swapnil Karekar works with the senior management of your business.  We plan the vision and strategic plan for your business/organization. This gives clear goals and guidelines to the teams, employees, and management to move towards the main vision. The various aspects of business stay synchronized towards the business vision and objectives. 

High-performance Consultation:
When you require a high-performance team or a plan to implement throughout your organization for making your human resource a high-performance unit we can help you do that. From instructional design to team building and specific training consultation, we will design and develop suitable plans, programs
, and training. Personal Consultation and Business Consultation are both offered by Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP.

Cricket Consultancy: Global Cricket Community is a vision of connecting 104 cricket playing countries. We already have members and reach in 107 countries. You are a player, coach or cricket related professional, we can surely give you useful consultancy. Cricket club development and cricket association strategic planning and social community development are all part of our cricket consultancy. We work on the complete aspects from players to club to sponsors to business and country tourism. Visit us to discuss your ideas and we are sure we can take the offer you the best.

Internet Consultation: The internet keeps coming up with opportunities, threats and lots of new impacts and implications on business and professional life. We offer you consultation regarding the internet and keep you up-to-date with new and changed capabilities offered by the world wide web. We have practical experience and professional teams to help you. How the internet affects your strategy, what change can you bring with internet and technology and how your projects can be best done with internet processes are some questions that most businesses need to be answered. We can further offer you training and in-house systems for your projects and operations.