Design and Development

Experience Design:
Swapnil Karekar having worked in various fields has the experience and ability to design and develop experiences for your users. We focus on the quality of user experience and culturally relevant solutions. We design and develop touchpoints, engagement moments between users and your business. The impact and importance of ideas, emotions, and environment on the user is used in experience design. Your business, brands, and marketing can benefit a lot from our services in experience design.

Communication Design:
Reaching your message to the target audience is the main goal of communication design. Be it your marketing, corporate communication, brand message, internal communication or technical communication we can design and develop for you. Graphic design, visual design, mixed media all are used in making the communication specific and measurable.

Service Design:
The service business is different from products business and so we have specific design and development for Service industry businesses. The service provider's expertise and the wants and needs of the service user (customer) are both used to design the service practices and methodologies. Service design gives your service business the ability to be sustainable and growing as a business and brand.