Training and Coaching 
Coaching and training are essential for the growth of any individual and organization. You can depend on us for training that is designed and conducted to the specific useful competencies. Goal specific training that improves the abilities, capacity and impact and performance of the individuals and groups that undergo the training.

Success Coaching: 
Coaching is not only about training techniques, it also includes understanding the person/group and discovering the potential. Success coach Swapnil Karekar can bring out the best in you and your team with success coaching. There are various programs we conduct that can surely improve your success and personal growth. We design goal specific and skill specific coaching and training programs for your needs.

Corporate Training:
We are as good as our human skills and abilities, limited only by ourselves and once we are inspired and empowered… all goals can be achieved with the principles and coaching provided by the organization to the employees, be it new recruits, middle management and also senior leading teams.
Coaching, Training, and Workshops for corporate 
1. Success Principles - Principles from Happiness to Success 
2. Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving – Have Fun With Life and Success 
3. Team Building and Teamwork – Team wins and Teamers excel 
4. Leadership and self-improvement – Leaders Live a Legacy 
5. Custom Developed Program – for the specific goals of team/organization.

Cricket Coaching and Training: 
Swapnil Karekar with Tushar Sawant and Goraksh  Kivale are active in cricket development, cricket business, and cricket community development. Global Cricket Community has a reach in over 104 countries and growing with social community development. We offer cricket coaching and training for players, clubs, businesses and entrepreneurs.
1. Cricket Players one to one coaching with ICC accredited coach Swapnil Karekar
2. Cricket Teams of School and College cricket coaching by Swapnil Karekar
2. Cricket Development training for clubs
3. Strategy and planning for cricket associations
4. Cricket business and entrepreneurship training